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"To take class with Mira and watch her dance is to be mesmerized."

--Kathy G.

Photo credit:

Recep Özgün

Mira Barakat Tango Dancer & Instructor

Meet Mira

I’m a Tango dancer, teacher and singer based in Oakland, California. I offer private and group Tango classes, performances, and events around the San Fransisco Bay Area. For me, Tango is about connection - to ourselves, our partners, and the music. I feel deeply passionate about this dance and I love sharing this with my students and community.
Whether you are new to Tango or seeking to improve your dance, classes take your dance to the next level.
Mira Barakat teaching follower's technique class with Rose Vierlng
Mira Barakat BA. Tango Evolution

My new Tango album is now available! 

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