Mira Barakat teaching with Homer Ladas

 "I have been a Tango student of Mira’s for over one year. Like the dance itself, her presence when teaching Tango makes every lesson a gift. Mira has the sensitivity to “read and discern” what I want and need to learn at a level beyond what words express. She instructs with courage and a dedication to the craft that inspires and motivates me to improve and express my Tango with an increased level of connection. Taking lessons from Mira will FastTrack one’s Tango to become more developed, empowered and connected. Whether you are a leader or follower and able to take lessons from Mira, you are in for a rare and wonderful treat!"

--Steve L, Santa Clara, CA



Whether you are new to Tango or seeking to improve your dance, I provide personalized, professional instruction focusing on social dancing. Schedule your first private lesson and try Tango for yourself! Or check out my group classes and workshops below.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the fastest way to make improvement in your dance!

  • Great for individuals who want to get out on the dance floor or spiff up their dancing.

  • Recommended for couples as a fun an activity to learn together and a way to explore connection.

I highly recommend weekly private lessons in order to make steady improvement.


Rate: $110/hour

Couples discount: 2nd student is free!

Package discounts:

     $100/hour package of 5 lessons

     $90/hour package of 10 lessons

Where: I teach at my home studio in North Oakland (see photo of my beautiful teaching space below), or upon arrangement in the South Bay and Marin. Please contact me for more information.

Weekly Group Classes


Coming Soon!

Thursday nights in Oakland

7:15-8:15pm Beginners Class with Mira

8:15-9:15pm Práctica (Guided Practice time)

9:15-10:15pm Intermediate/Advanced Class with guest maestro Sebastian Arrua

Contact me or join my mailing list if you are interested.

Upcoming Workshops

Noche de Tango:

Musicality Workshop & Live Music Salón

Date TBD

Tango Fundamentals Workshop

Date TBD

Group Classes at Abrazo Queer Tango

I teach frequently at Abrazo Queer Tango on Sunday afternoons in Berkeley.

Semi-Private Classes (Max. 8 students)

Organize your own group of up to 8 students or join a group when there is sufficient demand. Everyone will receive ample individual attention. Contact me or join my mailing list if you are interested.

Check Events for upcoming special events & performances!
Tango Class with Mira Barakat & Conor McClure at CPAA
Teaching Philosophy

Tango is above all about connection - connection to oneself and one’s own body, connection to one’s partner, connection to the music. Besides learning to dance an elegant and fun dance, through learning Tango you will gain body awareness, improve posture, connect to your partner, and discover many surprises that Tango has to offer along the way!


My classes focus on learning connection and technique that are integrated into the whole body. I love helping beginners to discover this dance, and I am equally happy helping intermediate and advanced dancers to find more ease, creativity and freedom in their dance. As I have spent years practicing yoga and other movement disciplines, I am passionate about teaching a holistic technique that fosters body awareness, integration, connection, and musicality.


Traditionally Tango students learn either the leader or the follower’s role in the dance. I also encourage students who are interested to learn both roles at the same time. My experience has found this to pay off as students gain better technique, balance, and overall understanding of the dance.

Mira Barakat Home Tango Studio